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Graduate record examination scores are used as measures for admission to most graduate schools in US, Canada and in the United Kingdom. Anyone aspiring to be admitted in these learning institutions has to have high GRE scores. Passing this admission exam is not enough. The competition is rather high given the limited slots these schools offer. A student would have a good chance of being admitted in these top graduate schools if he/she belongs to the top percentile of scores. A great deal of preparations is therefore necessary. Taking GRE practice test before taking the exam is one good way of ensuring success.

 GRE practice test provides the student with a simulated GRE examination environment as it covers all the sections covered by the real exam. The structures of the test as well as the answering methodology were patterned after the actual GRE. Some of the sample questions were even taken from retired GREs. To replicate the actual exam environment, a GRE practice test is also timed. GRE exam has three sections Ė verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical thinking. All these sections are timed in accordance with the actual standard. This gives the student a good chance to get oriented with the conditions of the real exam. To get good scores, the student simply needs to understand the answering methodology for each section.

 Review sessions and sufficient numbers of drills are necessary for any kind of examination. Practice tests though are doubly important to succeed in GRE given that this examination gives no specific syllabus from where the test will be based on. GRE practice test is the only viable way by which a would-be exam taker can prepare to get a good chance to attain high scores. A student that takes multiple GRE practice test would be able to track his preparationís progress. These mock tests are available online and a student simply needs to take the test to know which section of the exam needs more practice drills. These free online tests that can be taken any time boost the studentís confidence especially if improvements on the scores are gained every time the mock test is taken.

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As mentioned, there is a stiff competition for the seats in top graduate schools. A student that has prepared well for the examination would generally fare well as compared to students that took the exam unprepared. Success in GRE exams is equated with adequate practice.




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